The Department of Biology started offering master programme in 1993 with three majors:

- Theory and teaching methodology of biology, code: 60.14.10

- Zoology, code: 60.42.10

- Botany, code: 60.42.20

- Experimental biology, code: 60.42.30

And the Department has also offered one doctoral programme of botany (code: ) since 1993.

In addition to its personnel, the Department has cooperated with national and international educational institutions to offer postgraduate programmes.

Research emphasis in postgraduate programmes includes:

- Theory of teaching methodology of biology:

            + Innovation of teaching syllabus.

            + Innovation of teaching methodology

            + Innovation of teaching materials

            + Innovation of assessment and evaluation in teaching biology. 

- Zoology major:

            + Animal classification

            + Biology of animal population

            + Biodiversity and animal conservation

- Botany major

            + Botanical classification

            + Algology

            +  Botanical morphology and anatomy

            + Medical plant resource

            + Plant secondary compounds

- Experimental biology

            + Human and animal nutritional physiology

            + Morphological and physiological indicators and their relationship with the habitat.